Securities Forecasts

IPD securities forecasts of high/low prices for stocks, ETFs and indexes

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Securities Forecasts for hundreds of large cap stocks, heavily traded ETFs and Indexes updated daily

Securities Forecasts

Large cap stocks

Alphabet Corp,, Annaly Capital Management, Apple Corp, AbbVie, Abbott Laboratories, American International Group, Amgen, Amazon, Anheuser-Busch, Boeing, Bank of America, BBT, Best Buy, Biogen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, BP plc, The Blackstone Group L.P., … and many more (see the list)

Heavily traded ETFs

ACWI, AGG, AMLP, BIV, BND, BSV, CIU, CSJ, DBEF, DIA, DVY, DXJ, EEM, EFA, EFAV, EMB, EWG, EWJ, EZU, FV, FXI, GDX, GLD, HDV, … and many more (see the list)


S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite

  • IPD Forecasts of high/low prices for stocks, ETFs and indexes are produced every trading day for multi-day horizons
  • IPD proprietary algorithms are extensively back-tested and updated iteratively.
  • IPD’s database contains historical prices for 100 large cap stocks, 100 top ETFs, and two major market indexes
  • IPD intelligence runs on Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform to ensure the highest  availability for our customers
  • IPD Forecasts are accessed via a simple Web API

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