Securities Forecast Subscription

IPD Securities Forecast Subscription

IPD High/Low securities forecast subscription is available to professional traders, money managers, and qualified investors

Securities Forecast Subscription includes support and consultation on forecast features and details of the IPD forecast system.

Subscribers download forecasts via an API. Preliminary forecasts are available at the close of each trading day. Revised, updated forecasts are available just after the opening of the NYSE each trading day.

Subscribers also can request coverage of additional securities only listed on foreign exchanges, and information about currency and futures markets


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Backtesting is the evaluation of an algorithm against historical data. Performance is hypothetical. The implied transactions did not actually occur, and may not take into consideration all actual fees or taxes. Just as past performance of a security does not guarantee future results, past performance of a prediction or forecast algorithm does not guarantee that such an algorithm will be successful in the future. Results can vary significantly.